Nagercoil-born DCLF party merges with Kamalahassans MNM

Nagercoil-born DCLF party merges with Kamalahassans MNM

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Nagercoil’s DCLF has merged with Kamalahassan’s newly formed Makkal Neethi Maiyam (MNM). Dr. Jackson begins second innings under new political brand.

Nagercoil’s born local political party DCLF has merged with Kamalahassan’s newly formed Makkal Neethi Maiyam (MNM) at Trichy on 4th April, 2018. Talking to a reporter, Dr. Jackson, the founder-president of DCLF said, “As a party, we share the same Political visions with MNM. And to have Kamalahassan leading us is in itself a great feeling as he is no stranger to Tamilnadu politics. So we conducted a few round of discussions with our party cadre and decided to meet with Makkal Neethi Mayiam representatives, later with Kamalahassan and then came the merger.” The merger was announced at the General Body meeting of MNM held at Trichy on 04.04.2018.

“DCLF is 4 years old now and we are growing popular in Kanyakumari, especially in Nagercoil Town. Inspite of losing the first local election we contested in 2014, we have not sat back to relax for a moment. In fact, we have been contributing to Nagercoil town in many ways, sometime even filling up gaps that the Nagercoil Municipality doesn’t bother about. Being a resident of Ponnappa Nadar Colony, I understand what as a town we lack and have been contributing in many small ways, from cleaning blocked flood water drains, to filling pit lined roads with gravel & sand and installing over 50 Traffic Mirrors in all the critical blind street corners of Nagercoil, DCLF has been addressing the needs of the locals through the 3,4 years, inspite of being far away from power. Other pressing issues bothering Nagercoil town which need to be addressed immediately are corruption in Government offices, bad roads and lack of drinking water - 80% of Nagercoil town’s needs are pending and yet to be met!,” says a maturing politician, Dr. Jackson who is just starting another innings of his political life now under a different banner with a State level party that is in formation. Apparently, this move by DCLF is understandable given its aversion for Dravidian politics in town.

“We have an uphill task ahead, as MNM”, adds Dr. Jackson, “but luckily for us, we have a four year mileage here in Nagercoil. Now we have to move forward with the challenge and take the party agenda to the people. Being Kamalahasan, he’d put the people first in his policy and so it will be the people’s agenda that MNM will be putting forward. Unlike the tainted and corrupt political leaders we have had, Kamalahassn will be a breath of fresh air Tamilnadu has been longing for. As DCLF, we too saw it that way before the merger was even planned and so it was easy for us to give up the party name that we had painstakingly built for over 4 years. We also want to be part of the bigger journey with Kamalahassan at the helm, who will soon mature into a Political leader the Tamilnadu has been waiting for - a “People’s leader.” While every other political leader has a party face that is representative of the party, MNM has a charismatic leader around whom the party will be built. Kamal believe in solutions, rather than talking about problems. He has come up with solid solutions for some of the long pending issues of Tamil Nadu. I spent almost 45 minutes in discussion with Kamal before the merger was announced” says a happy but tired-from-travel, Dr. Jackson.

With the political vacuum created up at the State level after the death of Jayalalitha, Kamalahassan & Rajinikanth have taken the dive into politics. With Rajinikanth called an “outsider” at a time of ‘Tamil revival,’ Kamalahassan has better chance of being accepted as far as his Tamil identity is concerned. And knowledgeable that he is in every field he is in touch with, Tamilnadu could break away from its dirty Dravidian politics if it gives Kamalahassan a chance to contend for the CM’s chair. After all, he has been a trend setter all the way through his career in the movies. If he would try emulate this streak in politics is expectant game of wait and watch for all of Tamilnadu.

“In a long time, Tamilnadu now has a genuine leader, a visionary, a Gentleman Politician, who is far above the drama and dance of dirty Dravidian politics - as a CM nomine, in Kamalahassan. If TN would throw its support behind Kamalahassan, the chance of really carving a bright future for all of us, falls within 5 or at the latest, 10 years from now,” reasons an enthusiastic Jackson. If Tamilnadu too would find truth in his reason is for all of us to see! For now, here is Café- Kanyakumari wishing Dr. Jackson’s journey with MNM a great success story that proves equally beneficial and memorable for the town & people of Nagercoil and Kanyakumari.


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