How to keep your Facebook Account secure

How to keep your Facebook Account secure

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Data theft has become a major cause of concern these days and what better than Facebook which has 2.19 billion monthly users to steal personal data. Not all Facebook users are Tech Savvy and their ignorance could lead to major catastrophe.

There are ways to prevent our account from being hacked and let’s see how

How to create a Strong Password

  • Your password should have a minimum of 8 characters.
  • Your password should be a combination of lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Never use your birthday dates or anything easily predictable to others as your password.

Never share your password with others and also keep in mind that do not authorize third party apps to use your account information unless it’s trustworthy and the most important thing is to change your password at regular intervals. Always sign off/Logout from your account before leaving your computer.

If you are using Facebook on your Mobile phone please make sure to lock your app.

Do not accept friend request from people you do not know

Use Two-Factor authentication to protect your account

Privacy settings that can help your account from being hacked

  • Enable Authorized login from Settings – Security and login so that you will be notified if your account is been logged in from any unrecognized devices.
  • Turn on trusted Contacts and 3 to 5 of your most trusted members to it so that in case if your account gets hacked or you are unable to log in for some reason, your trusted contacts can help you log in.
  • Make sure that you’re Posts, images you share and your profile information is not open to all, Share it only with friends. You can do so by clicking Settings – Privacy and change the settings in Your Activity and How people find and contact you the way you want it to be.
  • Also make sure to Download and take a backup of your contents at least once in 3 months in case if your account is been hacked and all posts, Images and Videos you have shared for all these years are deleted you can have all data retrieved back to your account. You can do the following by clicking on Settings – General and click on Download a copy of your Facebook Data.


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