Kanyakumari - Some Daily Scenes From the Beach

Kanyakumari - Some Daily Scenes From the Beach

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Kanyakumari is synonymous for the Sun & the beaches. But there is more to experience and enjoy in Kanyakumari beach beyond the water and the Sun. Every year tourist in excess of a million visit Kanyakumari, some for its Religious significance and some for the geography, being the southern most tip of India. Foreign as well as domestic visitors to Kanyakumari abound during the prescribed tourist seasons. For the locals who are used to the natural attractions of Kanyakumari, the people who visit the place become the main attraction. Here are a few pictures of people, some who are permanent sightings on the beaches and some pics of the tourist too.

The Thiruvalluvar Statue standing tall at 133ft is one of the last additions to Kanyakumari shoreline. Violent seas sometimes makes it impossible for a visit though the Vivekanada Rock is reachable at most times. 

Fishermen reach shore with the day's catch early in the morning. Visitors to Kanyakumari usually miss experiences as such that gives them glimpses of the local culture because they have never been listed in the tourist guides. 

The lowest rung of Fishermen still use the wooden Katamaran to earn their living. 

A young boy wets his catch of Lobsters every now and them to keep it fresh till it is sold off to the local fish vendors. 

A fish seller leaves for the market after loading his trays with fresh catch that arrives every  morning at the Kanyakumari beach. 

During the tourist seasons, commerce in Kanyakumari's streets multiply. Some show up only during the season selling their ware and making a living off the tourist inflow. 

A gypsy girl conversing with her kin. Their hand made bead necklaces can be found all over Kanyakumari. 


Gipsy kid eats his breakfast of idlis on the open beach. Being born on the streets and spending their whole lives making/selling the decorative bead necklaces and other utility ware thy produce, they grow up the hard way, resilient to the world around.  
Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and all - people from the Indian North East too visit Kanyakumari, atleast once in their  lifetime. 
Young street kids seeking joy in the way they like it. In the absence of any parental policing, they often turn to ways not always socially acceptable and are exposet to the vilenss of the society much early.  During the Kanyakumari tourist season, there are hundreds selling street ware while some indulge in begging. 
School kids on tour waiting in line to board the ferry to Kanyakumari from the Poompuhar Boat Jetty at Kanyakumari. 
The seller of stones - yes, semi-precious and colorful stones. Though sometimes the sellers  put on act of fetching it from the sea itself, infact colored stones are infact bought and sold. These men are indespensible in finding/fetcing lost ornaments at sea, which unwary tourist often lose to the sea. 
In the Summer in Kanyakumari, the beach too turns hot though it is comparitively less humid than inland. A gir having her fill of cool sugarcane crush @Kanniyakumari
A local, sea-venturing  fisherman looks across to the sea trying to read and make an assesment of the weather for the day. 
A father son pair making the best of the Sun, sights, sounds and smells that Kanyakumari has to offer. 
The poojari at the Mayaamaa temple on the beach . 
Whole families, with members across three generations, visiting Kanyakumari. For the elederly Hindu women and men in the country, a holy dip in Kanyakumari is a once on a lifetime act, which they believe, takes them closer to God. 
School boys on vacation Study Tours enjoy looking at the world through the new sunglasses that they bought at the beach. 
Whatever the age, it is a blessing to wash the sins off where the three oceans meet. 
A teenager selling ice cream. Many like him opt for similar vocations at Kanyakmari beach during the tourist season and opt out once the crowds disappear. 
Man in a state of Meditation @Kanniyakumari Beach. Swami Vivekananda was inspired with his vision for new India, not to far from here. 
A Japanese tourist viiting Kanyakumari with an language interpreter/translator in tow. 
A tea seller on the beach. Tea is a compulsary morning starter for many in south India. 

Human Wave breakers testing their might against the waves. 
The sweet candy sellers making a livin in the beaches of Kanyakumari come far away from  Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. 
Cheap eyeware on sale at the beach. 
Young boy, still a preteen seen selling bead necklaces in Kanyakumari beach.  
Women folk from Uttar Pradesh on tour of South India reach the very end of land here at Kanyakumari. 
A selfi at Sunset is not a thing to miss. 
Tourist from Gujarat spend time on the shore Bay watching. 
These tourists from Rajastan make a colorful excuse to clik continously. 

Women from Rajastan sit in a row watching the sun break through the dark clouds at Sunrise in Kanyakumari. 

The domestic tourist season in Kanyakumari last all through the year though it peaks in the end of the year with the Ayappa devottes flooding it. 
A kid dressed as God incarnate, roams the streets of Kanyakumari asking for alms. 
Golden rings and other ornaments that the tourist loose in the water gather at a particular spot on the beach which these scavengers for gold know. Watching them in action, finding the ring lost at sea, is an OMG moment. 
Fishermen get ready to venture out to the sea at the cove on the other side of the beach. Kanyakumari is also home to hundreds of these fishermen and their families, whose livelihood is ever dependent on the sea. 
An elderly British couple, here for Ayuervedic theraphy at Shanthigiri Asramam, watching the Sun go down @Kanniyakumari Beach
One of the most sought after sight every evening - The Sunset @Kanniyakumari
Many varieties of shells fill the shelves of the sellers in Kanniyakumari some of which are banned to be caught. 

The street food in Kanniyakumari is a mix of fresh fruits of the season and the usual steamed Corn'd cobb. Night life at Kanyakumari beach is often self-sought enertainment at the Bars or the flood-lit beaches. Night entertainment of some sort is totaly absent in Kanyakumari. The bazaar streets stay awake till 10pm and shopping and roming alonmg the beach would be a nice way to kill time till bed.   


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